The story of CHIPBOX

We are the official importers of CHIPBOX vehicle performance products from Italy. Welcome to our site; we hope you enjoy the ride. Our products are meticulously designed for each vehicle’s distinct engine and fueling system. Our plug-and-play units are far from universal, where one chip fits all. Instead, our units are specifically crafted, depending on the make of the vehicle. This is paramount when considering the safety and reliability of your vehicle without compromising its full potential.

Our approach simply boosts your vehicle’s performance without pushing it beyond its limits. In addition to the units being manufactured in Italy under strict TUV certification, our very own South African tuning team designs, develops, and tunes the vehicles on offer. This assures you of our 20-year expertise. Our cutting-edge technology, synonymous with high-performance brands like Ferrari, McLaren, as well as Toyota, Ford, and VW, has satisfied thousands of clients who now enjoy a powerful, smooth, and rewarding drive.

Whether you own a turbo diesel or turbo petrol, a Bakkie, or a performance car, we have a performance chip that will safely optimise your engine.


To begin with, you have the option of making tangible alterations such as modifying the exhaust, eliminating the catalytic converter, installing or enlarging an inter-cooler, and so on. However, these modifications aren’t feasible if your vehicle is still under warranty. If your warranty period has expired, you can proceed with these changes, albeit they might be quite costly.

Next, you have the alternative of a “software upgrade.” It’s crucial to consider who performs this task. Venturing into the ECU (Engine Control Unit – the car’s central processing unit), some tuners might become overly eager and meddle with parameters that should remain untouched. Moreover, your vehicle’s safety parameters are in place for a reason and shouldn’t be interfered with. It’s essential to tread cautiously since entering and exiting your ECU leaves a “trace,” meaning even if the software is reverted to its “normal” state, diagnostic equipment can detect a logged “visit” to the ECU. This could pose a problem if your vehicle is under warranty.

Another downside of this tuning method is that if issues arise with the vehicle, you cannot “circumvent” the upgrade you’ve implemented. This implies that you cannot rule out the software upgrade as a potential issue source and must return to the tuner to restore the ECU to its original state.

Finally, we arrive at the plug ‘n play units; a more affordable, faster, and simpler solution for most turbo-petrol and turbo-diesel vehicles, especially those under warranty. This is currently the preferred and accepted method for enhancing your vehicle’s performance by most people.

Certification according to international standards

The inherent quality of a product cannot be physically “inspected”, but it can be predominantly guaranteed through rigorous quality assurance processes. External certification bodies with specialized knowledge conduct manufacturer certification and approval, enhancing company values. These certifications currently serve as the most significant market competency tests.

Products from CHIPBOX are produced adhering to stringent standards, ensuring high reliability and safety. Impressively, they hold an internationally acclaimed certification issued by TUV Austria, a globally recognized corporation known for assuring technology quality in the automotive industry.

TÜV Austria certifications hold international recognition and serve as a market entry prerequisite across various industry sectors. Moreover, they provide a competitive edge, establishing stronger quality and standard references.