Choosing CHIPBOX for enhancing your vehicle’s performance is a decision rooted in reliability and longevity. Unlike competitors who promise unrealistic figures, CHIPBOX offers a more realistic, responsible approach. Their focus isn’t just to ‘race’ your vehicle, but to improve its performance while ensuring engine durability. Before you ‘chip’ your car, consider all factors. With CHIPBOX, you’re investing not just in immediate performance, but also in your vehicle’s future.


The CHIPBOX® DIESEL is a game-changer for diesel engines. This programmable chiptuning module delivers significant power increases while ensuring the engine isn’t overly stressed. It’s user-friendly, easy to install, and offers vital fuel savings—an essential feature in today’s economy. What sets CHIPBOX® DIESEL apart is its commitment to maintaining low smoke emissions in accordance with legal standards. The kit comes pre-programmed for your vehicle, complete with a plug-and-play cable harness and an illustrated manual, making it an accessible and eco-friendly choice for enhancing your vehicle’s performance.


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The CHIPBOX® TURBO PETROL is a programmable chiptuning module for turbo petrol engines. It provides significant power boosts without stressing the engine. The kit is pre-programmed for your vehicle and includes a plug-and-play cable harness and illustrated manual, making installation simple and straightforward. Elevate your driving experience with CHIPBOX® TURBO PETROL’s perfect blend of performance and ease-of-use.



Elevate your driving experience with the wireless convenience of CHIPBOX CONNECT®. By choosing the CHIPBOX® CONNECT version, you gain the power to directly link your smartphone to your CHIPBOX®. Seamlessly adjust your vehicle’s performance settings in real-time through our free app, available for both Android and iOS. With four distinct settings to choose from or the option to fine-tune the trimmer for precise power adjustments, customizing your ride has never been easier—or faster. Experience the future of vehicle enhancement: easy, fast, wireless.




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