Introducing the OBDX, a cutting-edge control module designed to streamline your driving experience by eliminating the inconvenience of unnecessary dashboard warning lights. Crafted with precision and expertise, this innovative device preemptively deletes fault codes before they appear, ensuring your vehicle operates at its peak performance. With its easy installation and versatile functionality, the OBDX is the perfect addition for any driver seeking to maintain their vehicle’s performance and enjoy a seamless driving experience.



The OBDX is a sophisticated control module that combats unnecessary dashboard warning lights. It seamlessly deletes fault codes before they surface, ensuring an optimal driving experience. The device connects to your car’s OBD-2 port and automatically resolves errors.

Key Features:

Proactive Problem Solver: The OBDX deletes fault codes before they’re reported, eliminating diagnostics.

User-friendly: Quick installation into the OBD-2 port, no additional setup needed.

Versatile: Erases all types of errors, intermittent, periodic, pending, or confirmed.

Safe: Allows indicator lights for potentially harmful errors.


Crafted with Italian finesse, the OBDX enhances engine power and guarantees a smoother drive.

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