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So you have decided to “chip” your car. A difficult choice for some. Who do I use? What form of chipping do I use? You are about to make an investment to improve your vehicle’s performance, so it’s worth spending a few minutes reading about it.


Hi and welcome to our website! So you have decided to increase the performance of your vehicle. Kindly spend a few minutes with us in order to help you make the right decision.

CHIPBOX, a very well known name in the industry, has successfully tuned thousand of vehicles in the past years.

Other than being the official importers of the CHIPBOX products, we are also tuners ourselves. Many of the vehicles on offer, have been  developed in SA. This assures you that we deal with issues  based on local and current conditions.

May we start by saying, your engine’s reliability and longevity is our first priority! One often sees companies offering crazy figures, up to 30% more power. While this may sound as a good proposition to the average man in the street, one has to consider the after effects of such a performance upgrade.

We like to make a light hearted analogy between drinking and tuning a vehicle. If you have a bottle of brandy tonight, sure you might be having a great time, but the chances of you waking up the next morning  with a headache,…..are great.


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