Made for select high performance vehicles

“Unleash Your Car’s Full Potential with EVC-SPORT: The Ultimate Electronic Vehicle Control Module. Effortlessly control your vehicle’s sound – open for maximum roar, close for quiet operation, or let the AUTO function handle it. Seamlessly integrates with existing systems, ensuring an undetectable modification that can be easily removed. EVC-SPORT – Power, Control, and Enjoyment at Your Fingertips.”



The EVC-SPORT is a specialized electronic vehicle control module tailored for the discerning automobile enthusiast. This innovative device seamlessly integrates with an existing electronic exhaust controller, whether it’s an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket system that utilizes the same electronic exhaust valve controller. The EVC-SPORT allows users to manipulate the exhaust valve manually using a remote control, offering options to OPEN the valve for maximum sound, CLOSE it for quieter operation, or use the AUTO function, which lets the car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) automatically regulate the valve’s operation based on various engine parameters. This plug-and-play unit is undetectable, ensuring no modifications are apparent, and can be effortlessly removed for servicing or returning the vehicle to its original state. In essence, the EVC-SPORT provides car enthusiasts with complete control over their vehicle’s sound, enabling them to fully enjoy their driving experience.


R4 999.00