The PEDALBOOSTER® from CHIPBOX is an advanced control unit that remarkably enhances throttle response while reducing lag. This device can be effortlessly installed within minutes on any “drive by wire” vehicle using the original connectors, providing a convenient and efficient upgrade for your driving experience.

CHIPBOX offers two versions of the PEDALBOOSTER® – the PEDALBOOSTER® Connect and the Original version. The PEDALBOOSTER® Connect allows you to adjust between different driving styles using a user-friendly app on your smartphone, giving you full control over your vehicle’s performance.

On the other hand, the Original PEDALBOOSTER® maintains the simplicity of plug-and-play installation while still offering the significant benefit of improved throttle response and reduced lag.

Regardless of the version you choose, the PEDALBOOSTER® promises to elevate your vehicle’s performance and transform your driving experience for the better. Please note that the PEDALBOOSTER® Touch version is no longer available.


The Original PEDALBOOSTER® from CHIPBOX is a game-changing control unit that boosts throttle response and reduces lag in “drive by wire” vehicles. Its easy installation using original connectors makes it an accessible upgrade for anyone seeking a smoother, more responsive driving experience. The simplicity of its plug-and-play design ensures you enjoy improved vehicle performance without the need for additional controls or apps. It’s an uncomplicated yet effective solution for enhancing your drive.

R3 999.00

R4 999.00


The PEDALBOOSTER® Connect takes your vehicle’s performance up a notch. This advanced module allows you to fine-tune your car’s throttle response directly from a user-friendly app on your smartphone. The Bluetooth connectivity provides complete control over your driving experience right at your fingertips. It goes beyond a mere performance upgrade; it’s a tailored driving experience that marries the fundamental advantages of the original Pedalbooster with the convenience of contemporary technology.